Disney Animal Kingdom Top Priority Fast Pass+

Top Priority Fast Pass for AKSometimes overlooked by all of the other attractions that Disney World has to offer, the Animal Kingdom can be a breath of fresh air compared to the other crowded parks. With fewer headliner attractions, the lines at the popular rides can really get long. Ideally, it is best to spend the entire day here (this park typically closes around 5pm), for those who are on a tight schedule, it is totally doable to finish the park by 2 pm or earlier – if you follow these guidelines on the top priority Fast Pass+ attractions.

1) Expedition Everest – This thrilling roller coaster is the super-headliner at Animal Kingdom, and the first priority. Lines can be long for this ride, especially during peak season. Getting a Fast Pass+ can save you an hour or more standing in line. Remember, this ride has a height requirement of 44″ (approx. ages 5 or 6 and older), so a rider swap is available as well.

2) Killimanjaro Safaris – This is the essence of the Animal Kingdom. You’ll feel like you’re on a real African safari! The lines can get long for this, and the attraction time itself is rather long, so if you don’t visit first thing in the morning, you’ll be glad you have a Fast Pass+.

3) Dinosaur – This ride takes a back seat to Expedition Everest, but none-the-less a very popular attraction within the Animal Kingdom. A Fast Pass+ will shave 30+ minutes off of your wait time – try for a late morning or early afternoon time-frame.

4) Kali River Rapids – Be prepared to get wet! The best time to visit this attraction is in the afternoon, so you’ll dry off faster in the Florida sun. That’s why the afternoon is when most people line up for this ride, so if you can get a Fast Pass+ for the early afternoon, you’ll be ready to finish up the Animal Kingdom and visit another area within the park.

3 thoughts on “Disney Animal Kingdom Top Priority Fast Pass+

  1. Kiley Post author

    I’m going next month and I have a Fast Pass+ reserved for it. It’ll be my first time on that ride too 🙂

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