Disney Hollywood Studios Top Priority Fast Pass+

Top Priority Fast Pass for HSHollywood Studios is a unique experience. You’ll get behind-the-scenes looks at the processes behind TV and movies – especially all things Disney. The wide array of attractions, from stage shows to thrill rides, offer many different options depending on your tastes. The stage shows are performed during scheduled times, so making the most of the rest of your time at Hollywood Studios is important. Typically, you don’t need a Fast Pass+ to view the stage shows (although they are offered). Use your 3 Fast Pass+ options for the other attractions. ***NOTE: In April 2015 I’m testing the effectiveness of a Fast Pass+ for the Frozen Sing Along Street Party and will modify this post accordingly if proven worthwhile.*** The top priority Fast Pass+ options for Hollywood Studios is as follows:

1) Toy Story Mania – This interactive, arcade style ride is fun for the whole family. You’ll wear 3D glasses and play in classic midway games….competing with your ride partner. A Fast Pass+ is necessary for this attraction due to its popularity. The lines can often get to 90+ minutes long during peak seasons. The Fast Pass line typically only takes 10-15 minutes!

2) Rock N Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith – This is the fastest, wildest roller coaster in Disney World. You’ll go 60 mph in less than 3 seconds, so it’s not for youngsters or the faint of heart. There are loops and twists taking you to Aerosmith’s backstage party…all on a Los Angeles freeway. The height requirement for this ride is 48″ (approx. 7-8 years old), so they offer a rider swap if you have smaller children, which can be used in conjunction with the Fast Pass+.

3) Tower of Terror – Although the stand-by line for the Tower of Terror is entertaining, it can get long. Getting a Fast Pass+ can often shave 30-45 minutes or more off of your wait time. You’ll be taken nearly 160 feet up into the tower in an elevator (sitting down with seatbelts!). The drop is about 13 stories and only take about 2 seconds. The height requirement for this ride is only 40″ (approx. 4 years old), but they offer a rider swap that can be used in conjunction with the Fast Pass+. Try for this one before lunch!

4) Star Tours – You’ll feel like you’ve entered a Star Wars movie when you enter this ride, which was refurbished within the last 5 years. It is a 3D simulator experience taking you on an intergalactic adventure, full of turbulent twists and turns. The height requirement is 40″ (approx. 4 years old), and rider swap is offered if you have young kids. By mid afternoon the lines have backed up, so try for a Fast Pass+ around 3 pm or so in the afternoon.


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