EPCOT Top Priority Fast Pass+

Top Priority Fast Pass for EpcotDisney World’s Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow (EPCOT) is divided into 2 areas: Future World and World Showcase. EPCOT has a different Fast Pass+ structure, in that there are 2 Tiers of Fast Pass+ options. You may only choose 1 Fast Pass+ from Tier A and 2 from Tier B. Currently, all of the Fast Pass+ attractions are located in Future World, with the exception of Illuminations, which I don’t think warrants the use of one of your precious 3 Fast Pass+ options. (I’ll discuss the best ways to see Illuminations (Epcot), Wishes (Magic Kingdom), and Fantasmic (Hollywood Studios) in near future post.)

1) Soarin’ or Test Track– Both of these are in Tier 1, so you may choose one or the other for a Fast Pass+. The one that you didn’t get a Fast Pass+ for should be the first attraction you visit when the park opens. Soarin’ is a virtual reality hang-glider trip over the state of California and is extremely popular – often with waits of 60-90 minutes during peak season. The stand-by line queue is not very entertaining, so you’ll be glad you have a Fast Pass+ or visited first thing at park opening. The height requirement is 40″ (4-5 years old) but it is fun for the whole family.

Test Track is a high tech car ride. First, you’ll be in the pre-show area where your car will be “tested” based on your design. Then the car shoots out of the gate into the open air, with speeds of 65 mph! After traveling around the test track, you return safely to the pavilion. The height requirement is the same as Soarin’, 40″. The lines for this attraction are often longer than Soarin’.

You may pick 2 from the Tier B list. The most important ones are towards to top.

2) Mission: SPACE – Ever wish you could feel what it’s like to be an astronaut? Well, look no further! You have the option of a “highly intense” version and a “less intense” version, the Fast Pass+ will get you into either of the 2 versions. Children must be 44″ tall for this ride (approx. 6 years old), so there is a rider swap option that you may utilize in addition to the Fast Pass+.

3) Spaceship Earth – Enter the faceted silver structure, known as the EPCOT sphere, to enjoy this attraction. It is a slower moving ride, which is a nice break from a busy day on your feet. The lines are not usually too bad for this, but with a Fast Pass+ you have an under 10 minute wait. Try this after you’ve completed the loop around World Showcase and need a break from the Florida sun.

4) The Seas with Nemo & Friends – This is another option to pick alongside Spaceship Earth after you’ve had a full day on your feet and don’t want any more lines or crowds. The lines are not usually too long, but with a Fast Pass+, you’ll have only a tiny wait if any. You’ll board a vessel called a clam-mobile and journey around a colorful coral reef with Nemo and friends.


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