Top 5 Secrets of Disney World Animal Kingdom

Secrets of Animal KingdomHere are five of my favorite Animal Kingdom secrets that are fun to know when you visit Disney World. Follow my other posts to learn all of my favorite secrets from Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and Epcot too.

Please share other secrets you know about the Animal Kingdom!

1) Tree of Life – Many believe that this is a real tree, but it’s not – it is a huge 14-story, 145 foot structure! To build such a large tree, Imagineers needed a strong and wide, 50 foot base skeleton, so they developed a unique engineering solution – the foundation of the tree is really an off-shore oil rig turned upside down. Oh the irony!

This tree contains more than 7,000 man-made branches, complete with joints to sway in the breeze. These branches are covered with more than 100,000 synthetic leaves. Additionally, more than 300 carved animals make up the surface of the tree and trunk and several animal exhibits are scattered around the roots.

Here’s the cherry on top – inside of this massive tree trunk is a 3D movie theater where the “It’s Tough to be a Bug” show is performed!

DiVine2) DiVine – DiVine is a part-human / part-tree street performer in the Animal Kingdom. She is completely covered in vines and foliage with stilts on her hands and feet. Her graceful movements enable her to blend in to her surroundings – so well, in fact that many people don’t even notice her until she steps out into the pathway.

You can find DiVine slowly moving through the vegetation on the path between Africa and Asia. If you don’t see her, ask a cast member when and where she can be found.

3) Super-Soaker Button – On the bridge crossing over the Kali River Rapids ride, you’ll see a button. When pressed, water sprays out of the elephant’s trunk onto the rafters below. This is a nice opportunity to get your friends, family, or unsuspecting strangers even more wet! This is also a great way for a little sibling that was not tall enough to ride to feel like he/she is part of the fun.

4) Secret Park Entrance – If you see a long line to enter the Animal Kingdom park, out-smart all of those people in line by going to the “secret entrance” to the park instead. Head into the Rainforest Cafe entrance to the far left of the main entrance area. From there, go through the gift shop and enter the park through that entrance, where there is often no wait to enter the park.

5) Safari Secrets – Driving past Pride Rock on the Safari is a memorable experience because there are usually lions on the picturesque rock ledge. To keep the lions on this ledge, Imagineers built piped cold air vents through small holes in the ledge to keep the lions cool on hot days. How ingenious!

To keep the other animals out-and-about and up-close, Disney’s animal keepers have food hidden in trees and in hallowed-out logs and rocks along the safari path.

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