Top 5 Secrets of Disney Hollywood Studios

Secrets of HollywoodHere are five of my favorite Hollywood Studios secrets that are fun to know when you visit Disney World. Follow my other posts to learn all of my favorite secrets from Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, and Epcot too.

Please share other secrets you know about Hollywood Studios!

Characterpolooza – Characterpooza is only in Hollywood Studios and one of the best Hollywood Studios secrets. This takes place on San Francisco street in the Streets of America backlot area. What is Characterpolooza, you ask? It is an informal, unannounced Fantasmic character meet-and-greet only on days where there is a Fantasmic show scheduled. The mingling of characters and guests only lasts about 20 minutes, and has many characters you don’t usually see walking the streets of Disney World. What a way to get some rare autographs! Check this area about 4-5 hours before Fantasmic is scheduled to start!

Streetmosphere – Streetmosphere is a group of about 20 or so improve actors playing the roles of old-Hollywood celebrities, film directors, agents, and public officials. You find these actors along Hollywood and Sunset Boulevards. The performers interact with guests and usually involve a Disney character or two. They can blend in with the crowds so you have to keep an eye out for them.

Singin’ in the Rain – On the Streets of America, you’ll find the iconic “Singing in the Rain” umbrella attached to one of the streetlights by the Hunchback Theater. Not only is this a fun photo op, but if you stand on the black rubber pad on the sidewalk under the umbrella you’ll actually make it rain!

Line Bypass – Check out the lions at the front of the entrance to the Great Movie Ride. Wait! They aren’t really lions, but dogs! Supposedly, if you tell the cast member that you noticed they are dogs, and that you are able to identify the female dog, they will walk you through the back door to the ride and by-pass the line. I’ve never tried this, but I will next month when I’m there!

FAA Regulations – Did you know that the Tower of Terror building is 199 feet tall? That’s an odd building height – it was originally designed to be a nice even 200 feet tall, but the Imagineers discovered that they would need to install spotlights at the top for airplanes to see. They decided to take it down one foot to avoid this.


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