Top 5 Secrets of Disney’s EPCOT

Secrets of EpcotHere are five of my favorite EPCOT secrets that are fun to know when you visit Disney World. Check out my other posts to learn all of my favorite secrets from Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios too.

Please share other secrets you know about EPCOT!

Forced perspective – This is interesting. The frontages of each country in World Showcase are all exactly the same. Right down to the height of their tallest feature, like the Eiffel Tower in France, mountains in Canada, etc. Disney Imagineers wanted all countries to be equal, so they used forced perspective to make some of the buildings look taller.

Forced perspective is an optical illusion to make buildings look taller or shorter than they actually are by adjusting the scale of the windows or doors (or other building features) in relation to the spectator. For example, the main building of the American Pavilion appears to be about two or three stories tall, which is typical for the colonial ere, but it is really closer to five stories tall. The opposite effect is shown at the Canadian Pavilion – the windows start our small and get smaller as they go up the building. This effect makes the building look taller than it actually is.

Pop from around the world – You’ll find different flavors of pop from around the world at Club Cool in Future World. But Club Cool isn’t found on a park map! Club Cool is tucked in the rear of Innovation West, behind a Starbucks. The best part is that it is free!

Seas Aquarium – The Seas with Nemo & Friends aquarium is one of the largest in the world, with more than 5.7 millions gallons of water and more than 8,500 creatures. To give some perspective, this aquarium is 203 feet in diameter and 27 feet deep, which means that the Spaceship Earth geosphere (the 160 foot diameter EPCOT icon) can fit into the aquarium with space to spare! How did Disney create such a massive salt water aquarium? They converted fresh water into seawater by adding 27 truckloads of non-iodized salt, 400 tons of magnesium chloride, and 300 tons of magnesium sulfate. Amazingly, all 5.7 million gallons are able to be filtered in just over 2.5 hours!

A little known attraction, called EPCOT DiveQuest, is the opportunity for certified SCUBA divers to experience an underwater diving tour of this huge aquarium and participate in a backstage tour of the aquarium’s inner workings.

Back entrance – EPCOT is pretty close to Hollywood Studios, and you can actually walk to Hollywood Studios from EPCOT from a rear entrance. This little known entrance is between the United Kingdom and France. You’ll take a nice walkway to the Beach Club Resort, Disney’s Boardwalk, and passing the Swan and Dolphin resorts. This is a nice way to ditch the crowds for a little while and enjoy some shopping, restaurants and nice scenery. If you’d prefer not to walk, there is a ferry boat that can take you to these resorts and Hollywood Studios.

Talking trash –Future World has a unique surprise for unsuspecting guests – a talking trash can! Try tossing some garbage into the trash can in the Electric Umbrella restaurant (look for the one plugged in). You’ll get a silly response every time you push the lid. There are also some talking drinking fountains scattered about Future World that will talk when you stop for a drink!


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