All about Magic Bands – What are they and how do they work?

magic bandsOnly 10 days to go! These are my family’s magic bands for our upcoming Disney World “land and sea” vacation this month. Can’t wait!!

So here’s the scoop on Magic Bands. If you are staying on Disney property, you can receive a Magic Band. Magic bands are colorful rubber bracelets with an electronic radio frequency device inside that stores everything you need for your Disney World trip. This includes your park admission ticket, your fast pass+ reservations, your hotel room key, your credit card info, your Magical Express bus ticket, your Memory Maker park photos, and even your lunch order!

This is very convenient because you can charge all of your food/merchandise purchases to your resort room with a scan of the Magic Band, so no need to carry your credit cards or cash (you will set up a PIN number for security). You also don’t need to carry around your resort room key either.

I made lunch reservations at Be Our Guest and I’ve completed my advanced on-line food order and when I arrive to the restaurant, I’ll just take my seat because they will know I am there and they already have my order prepared – all because my Magic Band walked in the door!

The Magic Band syncs up automatically with MyDisneyExperience, so Fastpass+ reservations made during the day in the park get saved on your Magic Band too!

You get to customize your Magic Bands online with your color choice and Disney even imprints your name on the inside of the band. If you don’t specify a color, you’ll receive gray when you check into your resort.

How to customize your band:

  1. You’ll need to have your vacation booked and be staying on Disney property.
  2. Log into MyDisneyExperience at least one month prior to your vacation and select “Magic Bands and Cards”.
  3. Choose the color for each member of your vacation party/family. The names will automatically be imprinted on the inside.
  4. They arrive via USPS about 3-4 weeks before your vacation. Don’t forget them at home!! You’ll still receive an admission card in the mail to use in place of the Magic Band or if you are not staying on Disney property.

Mydisneyexperience magic bands

Magic Bands _Credit needed

Photo Credit: Walt Disney World official website.

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