Disney World’s “Be Our Guest” Restaurant Review & Why I Think it is Overrated

BOG ReviewI have to admit that I had high hopes for my first time dining at Be Our Guest last week. Maybe because of how hard it was to get a reservation, the hype, and the nostalgia behind it. Well, I’m going to give it a potentially controversial review – it is overrated! Here’s why:

When I approached the restaurant at 12:55 pm (my reservation time), I noticed there was a long line of people waiting outside in the hot Florida sun to get into the restaurant. I had planned ahead and ordered online, so my family and I were able to bypass the line and go directly inside (definite plus!). We were directed to choose any table we wished. The place was PACKED. We went to the back room where the magic rose is located and it was very stuffy and no available seats. We ended up at a dirty table (only vacant one) in the main ball room area. The atmosphere was that of a loud cafeteria. There was a dull roar and so many people packed in with lots of echoes in the vast, crowded space.

Within about 10 minutes our online food order arrived. They dropped off our food, but told us we had to go to the line on the side of the restaurant to get silverware and napkins. You are not given a server/waiter in this restaurant that will check back with you, because you pay before you eat. Once they drop off the food you are on your own if you need anything else….similar to a cafeteria.

The quality of food was just that, cafeteria quality. It was obvious that the kitchen has 50 of each menu item sitting on the line waiting to get distributed to diners. The fries were hard, the bread was dry….it had been under a heat lamp for who knows how long.

So all in all, Be Our Guest didn’t live up to my expectations. If you consider the difficulty of getting a reservation (180 days to the minute in advance), long lines, and the expense ($100 for lunch for 2 adults & 2 kids), it’s just not worth it. There are soooo many other options that will cost you less and will provide a memorable experience. Sure, the theming is great but the atmosphere is that of a mess hall- and the food is cafeteria quality to boot.

Try Cinderella’s Royal Table, the Crystal Palace, or Tony’s Town Square Restaurant for a fun place to eat instead.


2 thoughts on “Disney World’s “Be Our Guest” Restaurant Review & Why I Think it is Overrated

  1. mm57me

    I am surprised by your review. My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed our meal at BoG last June. However, it was for a Table Service meal. I have a lunch ADR for my next trip, at the end of this June. I’ll be interested to compare to my previous experience, as well as yours, to my upcoming lunch at BoG. Thanks for review and the warning that I could be disappointed.

  2. Libby Rose McIntyre

    I actually have a different view, but that was because I also went at Dinner and it was amazing! I loved the atmosphere and the service that we got. I will be going to the lunch version this September and I am curious to find out how much of a difference there really is!

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