Why I love the Blue Bayou Restaurant

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Whenever I find myself in Disneyland, I always eat at the Blue Bayou restaurant in New Orleans Square. Not only is the menu unique with delicious Louisiana-inspired cuisine, but the ambiance is so perfect that it makes you forget you are in the center of a huge theme park in California and transports you to another world!

The lights are dim yet twinkling, the air is a little humid, and there is soft bayou sounds in the background (frogs, crickets, and soft water splashes). My favorite part of the restaurant is that there is a row of interior waterfront seats that are adjacent to part of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. You will see guests floating along in their boat during the early stages of their ride through the Bayou, before they meet the pirates. When the riders are not passing, you see in the dark distance a water-front plantation house with a porch, fireflies, and the soft croaks of a frog.

This restaurant is highly popular, not only for its flawless theming, but for its widely loved menu. Blue Bayou is most famous for their yummy Monte Cristo sandwich, Jambalaya, and crab cakes. This restaurant is a bit pricey so I like to go during lunch, which is the only time the Monte Cristo sandwich is offered, and also because the prices are a bit less. It is a great break from a busy morning of going on rides with the kids and allows for a calm, relaxing recharge for all. Speaking of the kids, they have a cute kids menu where the kids get little pirate hats and fun souvenir cup options. Here are links to the Blue Bayou lunch menu and dinner menu.

So how do you get into this highly popular restaurant AND score a waterfront table? Simple! Plan ahead. Here are my best tips for having the best Blue Bayou experience:

  • Plan on going for lunch during a Monday – Thursday at 11 or 11:30 am. I prefer the 11 am timeslot to pretty much guarantee a water-front table.
  • Know which day you want and make the reservation as soon as your reservation window opens (60 days in advance).
  • When making the reservation, mention you’d like a water-front seat. They will say they cannot promise this, but will make a note for you.
  • Arrive promptly at your reservation time (or a couple minutes ahead!) and request a water-front table. Mention that you’d be willing to wait a few extra minutes if needed (I’ve never had to wait extra going at 11 am).

There you have it! This approach has worked for my family every time!