Which Disneyland Character Meal is right for you?

Disneyland character meals

There are five character meal opportunities in Disneyland. I believe at least one or two character meals are part of the essential Disney experience! I’ve outlined information about each character meal, menu links, and pricing below. Remember to plan ahead and make reservations!

Ariel’s Grotto is located in the Paradise Pier area of Disney California Adventure. The character meals offered are for Breakfast or Lunch and feature Disney Princesses. Last time I was there for the character lunch, the princesses included Belle, Cinderella, Ariel, Aurora, and Snow White. They visit each table individually to provide a very personal experience for the little princesses and princes at your table. Lots of great photo opportunities here! I have some great photo memories of my 3-yr old son blushing in his princess photos. My daughter loved meeting the princesses too! This is the only non-buffet character breakfast option.

  • Breakfast Menu link. The breakfast has your standard pastries and fruit, along with different variations of eggs and breakfast meats. Breakfast is not served buffet style, so you’ll order pre-fixe menu. This is the most expensive character breakfast option, but arguably the best. Last checked pricing: Guests Ages 10 and over: $42.10 plus tax | Ages 3-9: $22.60 plus tax
  • Lunch Menu link. Lunch is a pre-fixe menu consisting of a 3-course meal, including appetizer tray, entrée, and dessert tray. Last checked pricing: Guests Ages 10 and over: $45.35 plus tax | Ages 3-9: $23.75 plus tax

PCH Grill is inside of the Paradise Pier Hotel and features a California surfer theme. Mickey and friends appear during the breakfast hours only. Last time I was there Mickey and Minnie (dressed as lifeguards) were accompanied by Stitch, Pluto, and Daisy. This is where you can get Mickey waffles and Minnie pancakes, along with a variety of other breakfast-buffet food. It is a pretty standard breakfast buffet with not many extra special items.

  • Breakfast Menu link. The breakfast buffet offers your standard pastries, muffins, and bagels, along with egg varieties and Chilaquiles (Shredded Beef, Salsa Verde, and Queso Fresco). Also included are waffles and pancakes.  Last checked pricing: Guests Ages 10 and over: $33.00 plus tax | Ages 3-9: $17.00 plus tax

Goofy’s Kitchen is inside of the Disneyland Hotel with a fun-filled “goofy” theme. Goofy is the character of the hour with a few other cast members joining the fun. Dance parties break out and Goofy is the star of the show. Although the characters rotate, last time I was there, Cinderella and Ballou the Bear were present….kind of random! The buffet felt bigger than the PCH Grill and was a bit more lively feeling. Characters only appear at Goofy’s Kitchen for breakfast.

  • Breakfast Menu link. Much like a standard breakfast buffet, but with an omelet bar and Mickey Waffles and Minnie Pancakes. Goofy’s famous peanut butter pizza was on hand as well. Last checked pricing: Guests Ages 10 and over: $33.00 plus tax | Ages 3-9: $17.00 plus tax

Plaza Inn is located on Main Street USA inside the Disneyland gate and hosts “Breakfast in the Park with Minnie & Friends”. Another breakfast buffet option, except you are already inside the park, which puts you at an advantage when the park opens. Minnie and friends only appear for the breakfast crowd.

  • Breakfast Menu link. The buffet boasts made to order omelets, breakfast potatoes, and other standard fare (much like the other buffets). This is the smallest of the breakfast character meals offered. Guests Ages 10 and over: $30.00 plus tax | Ages 3-9: $15.00 plus tax

Storyteller’s Café hosts the “Chip ’n Dale Critter Breakfast” at the Grand Californian Hotel. Typically Chip and Dale are joined by Pluto or Goofy and other “critter” type Disney characters, such as Meeko (raccoon in Pocahontas). The critter crew is only present for the breakfast buffet.

  • Breakfast Menu Link. Disney calls this buffet a “Farmers’ Market Buffet”, but it looks to be pretty typical breakfast buffet food offered as in the other character breakfast locations. One notable item is the Caramel French Toast, which Storyteller’s Café is famous for. Guests Ages 10 and over: $30.00 plus tax | Ages 3-9: $15.00 plus tax

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