My Favorite Disneyland Park Touring Plan

Disneyland touring plan pinterest

With so many attractions, how do you prioritize and utilize your precious Disney time to the fullest? That is the question that every Disneyland park-goer should ask themselves. The answer to question sets the stage for developing a touring plan of the park, which is very important to maximize your day. Here are some overarching tips for planning your day, followed by my favorite touring plan for the whole family.

Tip 1 – Use the Magic Morning hour (if available to you) and arrive early to the park. The crowds are the lowest in the morning hours, which means shorter waits for attractions and the opportunity to do more.

Tip 2 – Plan for breaks. Have lunch at a table service restaurant to recharge, which divides the day into 2 parts. If you have young children, plan a afternoon nap (either in their stroller or hotel room). Stop for ice cream in the late afternoon when crowds are peaking and kids could be melting.

Tip 3 – Use the FASTPASS system.

That being said, here is my favorite touring plan for Disneyland Park, assuming you have a Magic Morning admission and have eaten breakfast before entering the park. Think of this plan as a sample, because it can easily be manipulated to accommodate the younger children and older children. I happen to have one of each, so this plan is a blending of my family’s favorite attractions, which makes for a very full day. Remember to work in character greetings as the opportunity arises throughout the day!

Disneyland Touring Plan2

Generally, get much of Fantasyland done before the park opens because those lines can get really long for short kiddy rides. Use FASTPASS as much as possible. Be flexible – stop when you see character greetings and have a snack or recharge when necessary. Build in time for fitting in any missed attractions or ones to do again.




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