Advice for picking the best Disney Cruise stateroom for your family


Disney offers four basic stateroom types: Inside, Oceanview, Verandah, and Concierge. The inside, oceanview, and verandah rooms are divided into categories 4-11, with 11 being the least expensive and 4 being the most expensive. Concierge rooms have a different category system and are the most expensive and luxurious rooms on the ship. Below is information about each room type and money saving tips on choosing the best stateroom for your family:

Inside staterooms: The lowest price is typically an inside stateroom, on a low deck, in the forward of aft of the ship. The categories for these rooms are 11A, 11B, and 11C. Category 11 rooms are the smallest rooms and do not have the nice split-bath feature. These smaller size rooms sleep 3-4 people.

  • A split bath is a two-room bathroom. One room has a toilet and sink and the other room (via separate doorway) has a sink and shower. I prefer having the split bath because it makes speeds up getting ready in the morning and is more convenient for a family.
  • What does A, B, or C mean? These letters symbolize how attractive a location is for a room category, based on Disney’s opinion. A is a prime location on a higher deck and/or mid-ship. C is a location on lower decks and on the forward or aft of the ship. B is somewhere in between.
  • Money saving tip: Book an 11C room for the least expensive room possible on the ship. How often are you in your room other than to sleep, right?

If you go up one notch in category to a 10A, 10B, or 10C, you’ll get split bath and these rooms are slightly larger than category 11 rooms, and still sleep 3-4 people. The largest drawback to an inside stateroom is the lack of natural light. When the lights are off, it is pitch dark, 24/7.

Oceanview staterooms: Oceanview staterooms have a porthole or window with a view outside. These rooms feel brighter than the inside rooms, due to the natural light from the window. Category 9A, 9B, 9C, 9D are all the same size as inside staterooms in category 10, but they have the nice porthole. These sleep 3-4 people and have a split bath.

  • The largest oceanview rooms can be found on the Dream and Fantasy in category 8. These larger oceanview rooms sleep 4-5 people and have a split bath.

Verandah staterooms: Verandah rooms have a private balcony out of a sliding glass door in the stateroom. The balcony has 2 chairs and a small table – these rooms are wonderful because you can stand outside while pulling into ports, as well as having some private outdoor space in your room.

Verandah rooms are in categories 4-7, all with the same A, B, or C designation. In addition to room location, better categories have no obstructed views from the verandah. All verandah rooms sleep 3-4 people and have a split bath. Only category 4 staterooms sleep 5 people, which is called the Deluxe Family Verandah.

  • Money saving tip: Category 7 rooms are the least expensive rooms with a balcony, but expect some view obstructions.
  • Money saving tip: If you are travelling with a family of 5 and the price of the category 4 Deluxe Family Verandah room is too expensive, consider booking 2 adjoining category 10 inside staterooms. This is often less than this Deluxe Family Verandah and you’ll have more space with 2 rooms and 2 bathrooms. Sometimes connecting oceanview rooms in category 9D can be cheaper than the Deluxe Family Verandah as well.
  • My favorite rooms are Verandah rooms in the 5C category in the aft, as close to the middle as possible within the 5C classification. These rooms usually cost a couple hundred dollars more than oceanview rooms (but less than 5A, 5B, or category 4), and are so worth it!

Concierge staterooms: If you have the budget, the concierge rooms are the way to go! You’ll have dedicated concierge staff before and during your cruise, have early access to book port adventures and onboard reservations, priority embarkation and disembarkation, have access to a private lounge areas on the ships, robes in your room, and in-room gifts every night. Plus you have your private concierge staff to cater to your every request.

These staterooms are all very luxurious, large, and sleep 5-7 people. Some have extra bedrooms and bathrooms, formal dining areas, and living areas. The Royal Suite even has a private hot tub on a spacious deck! Concierge rooms are typically $10,000 or higher.



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