Kiley Portrait - Copy SmallHello! My name is Kiley. I am a mother to two beautiful children (Annika and Kade) and over the years I have developed an immense love of Disney vacations. I have been on many vacations to Disney World, Disneyland and on Disney Cruise Lines – not to mention the hours upon hours of independent research to plan these vacations!

I love vacation planning and helping others plan for their exciting Disney trips. I think I may have been a travel agent in another life!

There’s a lot to know about when it comes to Disney vacations, so I hope you’ll find this site helpful! I want your trips to be as magical as mine have been. 🙂


P.S. Disclaimer – I am in no way affiliated with the Walt Disney Company. All of the posts are my own opinion and are not endorsed by Disney.


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  1. S.W.Lothian | Author

    Hi Kiley …. great to find your blog. Just an idea for you. When I tweet your post it doesn’t put your twitter name in the tweet. You can set this to automatically happen in your blog settings so you know who and how many people tweet your posts. Best of luck.Cheers.

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