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Guide to all character meals at Walt Disney World, including menus

Character Meal Guid

There are character meal opportunities everywhere at Disney World (just about a dozen, in fact) and they are all different. If you have limited time on your vacation, you will likely only be able to enjoy a couple of them. How to choose the best character meals for your family? I break each one down below to help with your planning.

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Top 5 Secrets of Disney World Magic Kingdom

Secrets of Magic KingdomHere are five of my favorite Magic Kingdom secrets that are fun to know when you visit Disney World. Follow my next three posts to learn all of my favorite secrets from Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and Epcot too.

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How to use your Extra Magic Hour

Extra Magic HourYour “Extra Magic Hour” at Disney World is your admission into a designated theme park one hour before it opens to the public or up to two hours after a park closes to the public. How do you get this privilege? Easy – you simply stay on Disney property, the Hilton by Downtown Disney, or Shades of Green Resort.

You’ll likely hear mixed reviews of the Extra Magic Hour- some say avoid the parks on days that offer the Extra Magic Hour(s), but I disagree. That extra time is very valuable and a lot can be done during an hour with no crowds. In fact, on a recent trip to Disneyland, my family was able to pretty much do every ride offered in Fantasyland during the Extra Magic Hour. I can agree, however, that if you do not have the Extra Magic Hour privilege (due to not staying on Disney property) that you may opt choose other parks on Extra Magic Hour days.

Please do not use your Extra Magic Hour to eat breakfast or dinner! Use it to see and do as much as possible with reduced crowds.

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Premium Seating at Disney World Evening Shows Without Using Fast Pass+

How to see shows wo fp+Good news! You don’t have to use one of your 3 Fast Pass+ reservations on an evening show at Disney World! I have found ways to view Fantasmic, Illuminations, and Wishes via a premium or VIP viewing situation….as if you had a Fast Pass+ (or better!) So save your Fast Passes for the attractions and I’ll fill you in the secrets below: Continue reading

Disney Magic Kingdom Top Priority Fast Pass+

Top Priority Fast Pass for MKWith so many popular attractions in the Magic Kingdom, it’s often difficult to know which ones you should get a Fast Pass+. I’ve evaluated the average stand-by line wait time and the Fast Pass+ wait line for you and have developed a couple lists of priority Fast Pass+ to reserve (30-60 days in advance, depending if you are staying on Disney property). Work down the list below and skip any that don’t necessarily apply to you or your family. They are in order of priority: Continue reading