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Guide to all character meals at Walt Disney World, including menus

Character Meal Guid

There are character meal opportunities everywhere at Disney World (just about a dozen, in fact) and they are all different. If you have limited time on your vacation, you will likely only be able to enjoy a couple of them. How to choose the best character meals for your family? I break each one down below to help with your planning.

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Disneyland’s Best “Quick Service” Restaurants at a Glance

Disneyland Quick Service PinterstDisneyland and California Adventure have literally dozens of Quick Service restaurants. I’ve done the leg work to identify the best restaurants and provide you with each location and menu options. My best options take into account the quality of food, variety of food, and which locations have the all-important “fun-factor”. The menu selections at these Quick Service locations are generally under $15 per adult meal and do not need advance reservations.

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Which Disneyland Character Meal is right for you?

Disneyland character meals

There are five character meal opportunities in Disneyland. I believe at least one or two character meals are part of the essential Disney experience! I’ve outlined information about each character meal, menu links, and pricing below. Remember to plan ahead and make reservations!

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Why I love the Blue Bayou Restaurant

Blue bayou (1) (2)

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Whenever I find myself in Disneyland, I always eat at the Blue Bayou restaurant in New Orleans Square. Not only is the menu unique with delicious Louisiana-inspired cuisine, but the ambiance is so perfect that it makes you forget you are in the center of a huge theme park in California and transports you to another world!

The lights are dim yet twinkling, the air is a little humid, and there is soft bayou sounds in the background (frogs, crickets, and soft water splashes). My favorite part of the restaurant is that there is a row of interior waterfront seats that are adjacent to part of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. You will see guests floating along in their boat during the early stages of their ride through the Bayou, before they meet the pirates. When the riders are not passing, you see in the dark distance a water-front plantation house with a porch, fireflies, and the soft croaks of a frog.

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